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On Demand Interpretation Service


We bring transparency and efficiency into the industry by connecting users directly with certified and professional interpreters using only a mobile device.

About ODIS

Users can easily connect with interpreters through an automated voice or video system. On-demand service refers to around the clock availability of interpreters who provide services on a rotating schedule. Depending on the anticipated volume of travellers in a given day / week, we can ensure a certain number of interpreters are available online to assist your needs.

We are here to assist you.

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The majority of our daily work is done on computers and mobile phones. We've digitized everything from ordering food to banking. With the correct use of technology, companies can provide better and faster services to their consumers.

Email  [email protected]
Phone  +1 888 666 0CUZ (0289)
Address  598 St. Clair Ave West Toronto, ON M6C 1A6, Canada

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