Multilingual descriptions; multi-cultural visitors.


Museums play a vital role in the transmission of knowledge and culture. We strive to make this service more accessible and inclusive.

About CuzGuide

Interactive audio guides provide access to a much richer experience and allow a deeper level of understanding for all visitors.  To enhance experience, we present the opportunity for visitors to receive these services in their native language, which also opens up the cultural experience to otherwise marginalized people.

Ancient devices for ancient exhibits. What could possibly go wrong?!

Solution; Technology

Audio tours will be recorded and translated into as many languages as desired. The recordings will then be uploaded to the app and associated with exhibits and artifacts through the use of NFC reader technology.

Using their personal devices, visitors will simply download the app or go on the website to access the audio guides. To reveal the audio guide, visitors will simply tap their devices on the NFC reader.

This technology was designed with accessibility in mind.

We Value Accessibility For All

Being more inclusive will open your services to a more diverse audience, including: visitors with physical impairments, children, elderly, and individuals for whom English is not their first language.


Get Closer!

Visitors can use NFC option to start listening or reading current art piece context.

QR Scan

Bigger picture!

Visitors can use QR code option to scan and start listening or reading current art piece context.

We’re moldable.

Our technology can be customized to fit your operational and customer needs. We provide customized solutions in three ways:

1 - App Integration

If a museum already has an app, we can seamlessly integrate our system into that app. If needed, we can provide back-end integration and technical support.

2 - Customized Web App

We will develop a customized web app specifically designed for your museum. Once the development is complete, you will need to purchase the web app and advertise to your visitors as you please. With the web app, visitors will not be required to download an app onto their devices or make additional purchases.

3 - Customized Museum App

If a museum app is not readily available, we can develop one for you.

If you prefer this option, we will need to have a booth set up at the main entrance to promote the app and headphones (to those who may need it).

Additional Services

We can provide additional services upon request! This can include audio guidance in other languages, video gallery options for your website, or a free demo for an upcoming exhibition.

We are here to assist you.

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