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Simply put, we are directly connecting our users with certified translators who are experts in their fields. Typically, translation companies will tell you when they can complete the required translation assignment. With Cuz Translation, you have the power to choose a deadline, and translators accept the offer accordingly.


About Cuz Translation

Cuz Translation, product of Cuz Tech Inc., was initiated in 2016, and is proudly Canadian. It was established with the sole purpose of utilizing technology to create an equitable platform for language service providers, and an easy to use, secure, and fully automated online system for users.

We developed the most advanced solution for translation and interpretation services.

What does Cuz Translation do?

Through our web application, we provide professional translation and interpretation services, while giving you full control of your project from start to finish! Our app reduces the costs associated with finding a translator / interpreter and protects the privacy of your sensitive documents.

We provide you with our directory of certified translators / interpreters who have experience in a variety of professional fields. This gives you the freedom to choose whom you would like to work with to maintain maximum quality and efficiency.

The entire process takes place on our app, and you can monitor the progress of your documents every step of the way. You no longer need to get on the phone or send a stream of emails to check the status of your projects.


3000+ Certified Translators

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Connect with over three thousand certified translators! We provide certified translation services in 107 languages. Click below to learn more about certified translation!

Cuz Translation is with you every step of the way!

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You have an important meeting, and you need an interpreter.
Can you risk it by hiring just anyone? Get a professional interpreter to accompany you! We provide services in 107 languages. Click below to learn more about certified interpreters!