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CUZ Convene

Cuz Convene offers a seamless experience for all event participants anywhere, any time and in any language.

What is Cuz Convene?

Users can easily connect with interpreters through an automated voice or video system. On-demand service refers to around the clock availability of interpreters who provide services on a rotating schedule. Depending on the anticipated volume of travellers in a given day / week, we can ensure a certain number of interpreters are available online to assist your needs.

Solutions for Every Event

With Cuz Convene, you have the option to

  • Broadcast meetings and connect remote participants from around the world in a webinar or 3D environment
  • Enable on-site event attendees to join the event in a language of their choice
  • Connect speakers and audiences anywhere
  • Provide a seamless experience for event attendees at the venue as well as for those connecting remotely.

Hybrid Events

Cuz Convene enables
Event organizers to

  • Create hybrid events by integrating with existing on-site equipment
  • Connect multiple rooms
  • Connect on-site participants and speakers with those connecting virtually from around the world
  • Reach thousands of on-site attendees listening to real-time interpretation in their preferred language
  • Create a personalized experience for each attendee

On-site attendees to

  • Access live interpreting on their phone by downloading the Cuz Convene app
  • View live, AI-powered captioning of the event in any language on their phone
  • Enjoy an interactive and immersive experience

3D Conference

  • Remote attendees can utilize all major VR/AR headsets to virtually experience your event, anywhere and in any language.
  • 3D, avatar-driven environment creates an immersive experience for your attendees so they can participate in events, share content and collaborate with global participants.
  • Bring your virtual event to life with visually rich designs in multiple templates and a branded virtual auditorium.
  • Worldwide participants can virtually meet in the same room and enjoy events in their native language.

1 - Platform Specs

Video & Audio

  • Seamless webcam and headset integration
  • WebRTC-enabled
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Intelligent audio fallback
  • Push-to-talk mic button
  • Echo cancellation
  • Adjustable audio and video quality

2 - Platform Specs

User Interface

  • Easy-to-use platform available on any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • No configuration required*
  • No plugins necessary*
  • Built-in media controls
  • Speaker list managed by operators
  • Chatbox available for team leaders

*Conditions may change for hybrid events

3 - Platform Specs


  • Simultaneous interpretation into 100+ spoken languages
  • Supports up to 64 languages per event with up to 3K users/language
  • Leverage Cuz’s growing network of 10,000+ language service providers
  • On-demand and scheduled booking options for streamlined event logistics
  • With audio delivered through the app, on-site attendees can simply download the app and listen in any language

4 - Platform Specs

Closed Captioning

  • Create more accessible and inclusive events for the deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees (on-site and remote) by integrating our live, multilingual, AI-powered closed captioning option
  • Enable closed captioning on a meeting-by-meeting basis
  • All attendees listening through Cuz Convene will have the option to turn live captioning on or off

5 - Platform Specs


  • Encrypted media and signalling
  • Customer data is always private and secure
  • User data anonymized for total privacy
  • Encrypted audio and video
  • HTTPS support, Secure RTP and HTTP authentication
  • Safe Harbor certified
  • Govern your meetings using enterprise-grade security, from 2-factor-authentication to 256-bit encryption for audio and video streaming

6 - Platform Specs

Screen Sharing

  • Share slides on any computer
  • Show a thumbnail of the speaker at all times
  • Show all document formats
  • Run product demonstrations as you speak
  • Share your browser window or video

7 - Platform Specs

File Sharing

  • Share documents Supports PDF and all MS Office file formats
  • One-click file download or view option
  • Supports text, presentation and image files
  • Additional document sharing features for language service providers

8 - Platform Specs

Private & Group Chat

  • Keep engaged with private and group chat options
  • Time-stamped messages with automatic scroll-down feature
  • Private chat options with select team members
  • Dedicated chat line for team leaders
  • Dedicated chat line for operators
  • LED prompt indicators for discreet incoming messages

9 - Platform Specs


  • Get instant feedback from your audience
  • Pie chart, bar chart or numeric results display
  • Multiple-choice or parliamentary vote formats
  • One-button vote confirmation
  • Built-in meeting summary data (e.g. List of attendees, session duration)
  • Attendees are able to cast votes and voice their ideas while the meeting unfolds.

10 - Platform Specs

Tech Support

  • 24/7 Global Customer Support
  • Cuz Convene ensures the convenience and support you need to create a truly multilingual web conferencing platform and deliver your content seamlessly to millions of global users.
  • Cuz will provide technical support before and during your events

We are here to assist you.

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